Antt Mann Signs was founded by Anthony Crundwell in 2013, although Anthony wanted to work or his self from the get go, he knew that wasn't possible without the skills and knowledge required to complete the task.

He started his journey in 2008 working for Custom Signs in Tullamarine, Learning hand painting, brush work and general signage prep and installation.

After that he went on to UCY Power Image. It was there that he broadened his skill set by learning how to set up prints on the digital printer, spray paint, cut routed letters and create plastic formed acrylic signs on a hand built machine that the owner had made.

He then went on to work with Kozmic signs, where he fine tuned his craft learning even more from another master of the craft.


His final stage was Essendon signs, the owner and operator had a keen eye for detail and taught Anthony all the little tricks of the installation part of the job. 

After learning all this from his past employers he is now happy to say he is confident to tackle any task, not only does he own the one of the latest model of Roland Printer, he also owns the latest model of Roland plotter (which was built in June 2017).


Even though he credits all the sign knowledge he has to his past employers, none of that will be possible without the guidance and metal fabricating skills past on to him from his dad Matt and grandpa Lloyd.